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Tim Lozier, Director of Product Strategy
Technology being the key driver of today’s food and beverage industry, companies are adopting new and integrated solutions to achieve operational excellence. Apart from keeping up with the rapid pace of business growth, food distributors also need to protect their brand equity and maintain a high level of quality and compliance. In such a scenario, CIOs seek a single platform to build a higher level of visibility and control into their compliance processes to operate more efficiently and mitigate risks. Simplifying the complex food safety management system, EtQ—a centralized compliance technology platform—provides visibility and control in operations around compliance. “EtQ is not just a company, but a technology behind the vision to develop solutions that ensure compliance and safety,” says Tim Lozier, Director of Product Strategy at EtQ.

The company’s robust, flexible compliance platform, EtQ Reliance, enables organizations to automate business processes related to compliance and event detection such as customer feedback, nonconformance, audit management, inspection, and many more. It also provides a framework for corrective and preventive action, risk assessment, action planning, and investigation. To foster continuous improvement, the platform offers tools for document control, employee training, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), change management, enterprise reporting and analytics and more.

Along with driving organizations to achieve better transparency into their operations, EtQ has built several solutions to connect the supply chain and promote traceability. Often, the food safety issues that arise today involve supply chain, and without a means to connect to the compliance and safety processes within the supplier network, companies fail to complete their missions. EtQ’s Reliance Cloud Portal is a dedicated cloud instance that lets organizations connect with their external stakeholders—both suppliers and customers—to securely share information related to compliance.

The portal allows them to either transfer the information downstream or receive data downstream, to impact compliance.

EtQ is not just a company, but a technology behind the vision to develop solutions that ensure compliance and safety

Furthermore, with a goal to assist SMBs to address compliance needs, the company offers VERSE solutions, which provides the functionality of an enterprise solution, at a lower cost.“Also, we’ve built a free mobile app, traqpath, designed to help clients to connect with their supply chain, encouraging them to participate in the quality and safety management processes. It creates the traceability to mitigate any food safety risks that may arise,” extols Lozier. The app lets organizations manage simple events and corrective actions, on mobile or web.

To ensure quality and safety also means to stay current and knowledgeable. Mitigating operator errors and missed work instructions, EtQ’s employee training tracking software designs a training plan for each employee and assigns requirements for each group or employee. It also tracks the current status of employee training and ensures new documents and processes are updated in real-time. When a new document or process is implemented or an existing process is updated, the software apprehends this information and updates the record.

“EtQ is all about being focused, ready, and innovative; we never stop learning, driving our people for excellence, and keeping the end goal in mind. This is how we’ve built our three products, and we continue to hold this line, and push for operational excellence for our customers. It is the ‘Robust Simplicity’ that makes EtQ unique,” says Lozier. The combination of EtQ Reliance, traqpath, and VERSE is only the beginning of EtQ’s cloud vision where there is an interconnected compliance community for all. EtQ will also continue to build their cloud-based solution and cater to the market needs of their customers. “Our mobile platform is growing exponentially and we now enable our customers to create their own unique mobile solutions on our platform.”


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Tim Lozier, Director of Product Strategy

Provides enterprise quality and safety through compliance management software for the food and beverage industry

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