EtQ: Increase Food Safety Compliance through Visibility and Control

Glenn McCarty, CEO
As businesses grow and evolve, compliance represents the critical aspect of operational excellence. The impending need is to streamline and automate different processes and become compliant with various standards and regulations. “The visibility of not being compliant can have a far reaching impact on a business—more so in the food and beverages sector with its stringent quality control and safety requirements,” says Glenn McCarty, CEO, EtQ.

McCarty believes in listening and learning from EtQ’s customers’ perspectives towards innovating products for the food and beverages sector. “We are attuned to our customers and market trends and use this feedback to build intuitive business applications that enable end-users to maintain a strong level of compliance, visibility and control,” adds McCarty.

At its core, EtQ’s Web-based Reliance platform for compliance, automation and integration allows enterprises to route their information on adverse event data, documents, records, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) through a process using intelligent business rules. “The software is designed to be a central repository for all data,” adds McCarty. Data is routed through a proper workflow ensuring visibility and traceability to make better informed decisions and disseminate that information throughout the operation.

In the food and beverages sector, the information from the suppliers and the goods that reach the loading dock need to be compliant. The Reliance platform can be leveraged by companies to automate processes like adverse event tracking, ordering, supply chain modeling—in terms of inspection and supplier corrective action— and identifying non conformances. “Our tools allow companies to recognize potential risks and threats and build in preventive measures with a proven efficiency of 20 to 60 percent to quickly mitigate any future risks,” affirms McCarty.

EtQ’s flexible platform enables it to be deployed in different ways. “As an extension of the Reliance platform, we have a mobile application, which enables any form within the Reliance system to be made mobile and accessed directly from a mobile device.

Our tools allow companies to quickly recognize potential risks and threats and build in preventive measures

This means that employees can work from anywhere—they are no longer limited to their four walls,” says McCarty. EtQ’s Reliance Cloud Portal provides customers with a private cloud infrastructure, where they can include suppliers, customers and other third parties in their workflow process, without providing direct access to their internal Reliance environment. In today’s business world, numerous systems work in tandem. In response to this, EtQ provides a comprehensive set of integration technologies built on the Reliance Application Programming Interface (API) to reduce the effort related t o integration. EtQ Reliance APIs mean proven integration with any enterprise system. There are many instances where EtQ’s Reliance platform has helped companies meet their strategic goals. Let’s take the case of a Fortune 1000 manufacturing company that is committed to selling high quality products and services that live up to its brand. This company chose EtQ to instill a centralized and holistic approach to track compliance. By investing in EtQ Reliance, the client was able to eliminate its manual and time-consuming compliance and quality processes, reduce the risk of costly noncompliance in safety and quality, and optimize employee productivity. The organization’s variable manufacturing costs have decreased by 10 percent since using the EtQ Reliance platform.

EtQ provides a holistic solution for the food and beverages sector to improve visibility into compliance, resolve adverse events faster and streamline all business processes through automation. “We pride ourselves on the fact that we are helping to make compliance a competitive advantage for any organization,” states McCarty.


Farmingdale, NY

Glenn McCarty, CEO

Provides enterprise quality, safety and compliance management software for identifying, mitigating and preventing high-risk events.

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