SafetyChain: Food Safety Chain Management through Cloud

Food Safety Chain Management is a first-class technology innovation that enforces, in real-time, all of safety and quality compliance requirements at every point along the food supply and value chain inbound. This new standard in food safety and quality, carry out regulatory, non-regulatory, and customer requirements—preventing non-compliant raw materials and finished products from coming in or going out in real-time. SafetyChain Software provides cloud-based food safety and quality management solutions. “Our SafetyChain for Food suite helps food suppliers, growers, producers, manufacturers, distributors, and retail/food services customers prevent losses–with hard-dollar return on investment–in four key ways: Enforcing inbound/outbound/internal safety & quality requirements; automating manual, error-prone processes; preventing recalls, retrievals and rejections; protecting your market value and brand,” says Walter Smith, President and CEO, SafetyChain.

Our Software-as-a-Service solution, deployed in just weeks on IT resources, provides immediate cost savings, and complements existing systems in safety & quality enterprise

The company also provides SafetyChain’s Environment Agriculture Technology (E.A.T), multi-pronged approach connects growers, suppliers, producers, manufacturers, distributors, grocery chains, convenience stores, and restaurant chains, in a food company’s value chain. In addition, it offers compliance management, test analysis, and analytics and reporting modules; real-time Smart Alert module notifies the right people instantly when safety or quality tests fall outside of acceptable parameters.

SafetyChain Software’s Safety Chain for Food is a cloud-based, cost-effective, and easy-to-deploy solution that connects all participants in food supply and value chain from “farm-to-fork”; it consolidates and analyzes inbound/outbound/internal data, records and documents.
Walter Smith President & CEO
It electronically issues Certificates of Analysis (COAs)/Critical Control Point records when tests are within defined specifications; automatically sends smart alerts when exceptions are detected—allowing to manage exception against having to go through mountains of paperwork to find the rare failed tests or deviations. It also provides visibility into performance to-and-from all participants in value chain; supports “on demand” regulatory/non-regulatory food safety audits. They provide hard-dollar savings; handles Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), and other 3rd party/customer compliance requirements. They manage an unlimited number of quality/safety specifications to scale to the number of suppliers, plants, products and customers and makes it easier for suppliers, producers/ manufacturers, and customers to work together. They prevent product quarantines and shipping delays; helps to gain a competitive edge by ensuring customers a “SafetyChain Seal of Approval”.

SafetyChain’s mission is to help providers at every point along their supply chain via innovative Safety Chain Management technologies. “Our Software-as-a-Service solution, deployed in just weeks without stress on IT resources, provides almost immediate cost savings and easily integrates with and complements existing systems in safety & quality enterprise. This allows us to not only enforce internal standards, but to also create a food safety & quality chain in the cloud so that only safe and quality products come in from suppliers or go out to customers,” Smith adds.

Today, more and more companies are becoming certified in a GFSI recognized food safety certification scheme. And as the global food supply chain becomes more and more complex, the schemes are continuously evolving to ensure that the safest, highest quality products reach the consumers. That's why SafetyChain—and its series media sponsor Food Safety Tech—are very excited to bring the 2014 GFSI Leadership Webcast Series: SQF, FSSC 22000, & BRC in the road ahead.

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Walter Smith President & CEO

A company that provides cloud-based food safety and quality management solutions.