John Galt: Optimizing Supply Chain Planning with Forecasting Analysis

In the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector, supply chain management plays a paramount role in handling the market demand information. This information, being accurate, can influence the level of integration, responsiveness, level of customer service, and add value to the end product. Hence, an error-free forecast addresses the supply chain problems by reducing the level of wastage, increasing the product value to the customer, and improving the level of supply chain agility. “An increasing number of retailers are transferring greater responsibilities onto their suppliers in terms of inventory management which makes accurate forecasting more critical than ever. At John Galt Solutions, we help our customers to improve efficiency of their supply chains, revenues, customer relationships, and expand their market share,” says Annemarie Omrod, President and CEO, John Galt Solutions.

Our focus not only ensures that our software remain years ahead of the competition, but also assures that our users are able to take advantage of state-of-the-art best practices

Headquartered in Chicago, IL, John Galt provides the accurate forecasts and tools to understand how promotions and other events can affect demand in the food and beverage sector. The company provides a wide range of affordable, easy to implement, supply chain planning solutions designed for growing mid-market companies.

John Galt’s flagship product, Atlas Planning is a complete planning system covering everything from demand management to sales and operations planning, inventory management, and capacity planning. The highly configurable suite allows companies to build the solution around their needs and processes. John Galt’s team of consultants provides guidance to apply industry best practices to the client’s challenges.
“With Atlas, it is possible to automate and manage a complex supply chain planning process with many users, giving each user the critical insights into demand and supply that they need to improve their effectiveness, and allowing the company as a whole to improve profitability,” says Omrod.

John Galt’s Forecast Xpert Toolkit is designed for organizations that are starting to build a forecasting process. It includes the ForecastX Wizard software, an Excel add-on that makes the toolkit easy to build and analyze statistical forecasts, and understand who needs to be involved in the forecasting process. John Galt Solutions also offers training classes, covering forecasting best practices and usage of the software, along with offering practical experience with customer data.

The forecasting ability analysis service of the software gives organizations a road map to their business drivers and optimal planning strategies for all items. The company differentiates itself with their strong focus on R&D, taking feedback from customers’ challenges and remaining on the cutting edge of industry knowledge. “This focus not only ensures that our software remain years ahead of the competition, but also assures that our users are able to take advantage of state-of-the-art best practices,” adds Omrod. Since its inception, John Galt provides food and beverage industry with its key software offerings. For instance, Post Foods, a consumer packaged goods holding company, implemented the Atlas Planning Suite to solve challenges with their manual forecasting process—the challenges included inflated inventory levels and reduced visibility for strategic decision-making. The Atlas Planning Suite helped them to drive a new statistical forecasting and planning process, which enabled them to reduce finished goods inventory by 12 percent, while retaining customer service, resulting in revenue, margin improvements, and accurate strategic decisions.

Moving forward, John Galt aims to advance its practices and build those into its software and consulting practices. “We are actively working on our global expansion—regional offices have recently opened in the UK and mainland Europe, and further expansion is actively underway,” says Omrod.

John Galt Solutions

Chicago, IL

Annemarie Omrod, President & CEO

Provides forecasting and supply chain planning solutions to increase forecast accuracy, enhance collaboration, and optimize inventory in consumer-driven supply chains.