Infor: Providing Comprehensive Suite of Solutions with a Micro-Vertical Focus

Speed in innovation is the key to stay ahead in the competitive world. Each company must be able gain greater visibility into their supply chain. To reach top performance, every firm must view and operate their entire supply chain as a unified whole that encompasses participants both inside and outside the company, including customers, contractors, and suppliers. End-to-end supply chain visibility combined with an efficient execution system can help the companies make accurate decisions more quickly and profitably. Headquartered in New York, Infor brings decades of experience to every level of supply chain operations, to give complete control and total visibility over every aspect of a business. They provide tools that would help to optimize end-to-end supply chain and harness the power of social networking.

Infor Supply Chain Management (SCM) helps companies improve customer service, lower total supply chain costs, reduce lead times, and optimize agility and responsiveness. It helps the businesses reinvent their company’s execution process through innovative technology, core industry-specific features, and consumer-grade user interface. “We are able to examine and automate intricate processes that most people don’t understand. This helps our customers generate greater productivity, profitability, and competitiveness,” says Charles Phillips, CEO, Infor. Infor SCM offers industry-specific functionality for a range of industries—Food & beverages, consumer goods, chemicals & pharmaceuticals, distribution, and electronics. In food and beverage industries, business is always a race. Infor builds and implements software-based tools that help in reshaping the enterprise software space by delivering experiences that users will love and increase ROI.

We spend a lot of time looking at products and what is different, disruptive, and unique. The best way to be an innovator is to empower people to make decisions and try new things

Having decades of industry-specific experience and first-hand knowledge, Infor offers solutions that build and implement features which make a company successful.
Charles Phillips, CEO
The company’s flagship product, Infor Implementation Accelerator, provides highly focused pre-built content that can be used to rapidly create a solid business solution, while delivering a variety of outputs, including training modules and operational dashboards, which are required to monitor the pulse of a business. The tool aids in reducing the internal effort and accelerate the time value of the organization.

Unlike its competitors, the company’s focused and flexible solution aids in boosting up the business processes delivering—quick implementation, lower total cost of ownership and foundation for future success. Most clients prefer Infor products due to their quick responses, ability to handle multiple channels, exceed food safety, and minimize waste. “We always take care of the industry process first because that's our differentiation, we like to talk technology first because that's what they know and that's what you can sell to all industries,” asserts Phillips.

Infor’s clientele include Harris Ranch Beef and Rynkeby. The company has delivered an optimal solution to one of its clients, Brewster Dairy, the largest manufacturer of natural Swiss cheese in the United States. The client organization required to eliminate the needs to duplicate data entry, enable inventory to be expensed, and update their older systems to take advantage of the new functionality. Infor’s solutions enabled the client organization to interface with other systems and provided them the ability to manage their systems in ease.

“We are further ahead of where we told our investors we’d be. I am confident that Infor has the steak along with the sizzle. We want to change the way people work,” says Phillips. Moving forward, Infor aims in migrating their clients onto its recently launched innovative technology, ‘10X enabled’ suite of applications.


Newyork, NY

Charles Phillips, CEO

Providing purpose-built specialized tools which optimize production and operations planning.

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