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Dr. Michael Bertini, CEO Food and beverages is the prime example of an industry which is under constant pressure to meet changing requirements that span food safety and regulatory acts to customer preferences. Restaurant owners to food manufacturers are on the lookout for solutions that can bring in efficiency and transparency into the system while increasing their bottom line. One of the best ways to achieve this is through a well-designed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that can put together all the aspects into a single set of information, and streamline the organizational workflow.

With adaptable solutions, friendly service, extensive experience, and an ever-present eye on new technologies, Open Systems has made it their business—for nearly four decades—to deliver tailor made solutions to the F&B sector, and the industry at large. Under the leadership of Dr. Michael Bertini, CEO, the company offers TRAVERSE ERP, one of the most scalable, affordable ERP software in the market that helps manage businesses of all sizes. Open Systems collaborates with customers, partners, consultants, and developers to deliver adaptable solutions.

Open Systems's Food ERP software—TRAVERSE—gives customers the ability to completely customize and personalize applications, screens, and reports, using custom fields tailored to their distribution and processing needs. Users can also track, analyze, and manage all of their accounting and business processes.

Multi-faceted ERP Solution

TRAVERSE is highly customizable, owing to its four layers of adaptability: Personalize, design, integrate and customize to fit an organization's business needs—whether it's meat processing, bakery, food processing, food distribution, produce or seafood software. This framework enables individual users to set preferences for menu styles, keyboard controls, toolbars and language sets, and specify how to navigate through many of the transaction screens to improve data entry efficiency.

"Whether you are a partner, reseller or an end user, you will enjoy and trust the personal consideration that we provide"

The users can format and sort reports quickly and easily, without IT assistance. It also gives the capability to drill-down and drill-around, making it easier to find supporting data for financial and operations information. Any changes made to the design are preserved when service packs and other updates are applied to the software.

The TRAVERSE applications are built on a framework designed to simplify the extension of functionality to meet the specific needs of any company. Organizations that want to build in-house solutions for their needs can easily create extensions or custom applications using this framework. And any extension or custom applications in this framework using the TRAVERSE Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) automatically inherits the personalization and design changes made to TRAVERSE.

we recognize your needs are different because that is what makes you unique in this fast moving, changing economy

Customers can integrate their web store, trading partner, or other proprietary or third-party application data to TRAVERSE using the TRAVERSE Integration Engine, a set of data mapping and scheduling tools. These integration tools ensure that data coming into a system is passed through the same validations and business rules as data entered in TRAVERSE.

The Powerful Tool Set

TRAVERSE uses 100 percent Microsoft .NET & SQL Server technology and can be called the next generation of business management software. It adapts to the way businesses are being conducted by providing easy access to critical business data, and giving the tools needed to turn that data into practical information, which organizations can use to make important decisions. In short, TRAVERSE puts customers in the driver’s seat, giving them complete control over their software experience.

The built-in analytics of TRAVERSE provides instant PivotTable analysis and charting, directly from the data inquiry screens. For more advanced needs, the Advanced Information Analyst application provides true data warehouse functionality and extended analysis tools. TRAVERSE can be deployed in a LAN (local-area network), WAN (wide-area network), as a thin-client (browser-based) application, or in a mixed mode.

The company provides different tools through TRAVERSE to drive business productivity. The accounting module gives firms a single point of contact for all their business solution needs, from back office accounting system to industry specific solution. It helps extract useful information and perform effective analysis and reporting with the same accounting applications.

On the other hand, the warehouse management tool is a comprehensive solution for precise inventory handling. Through this tool customers can quickly fulfill their order requirements, which dramatically improves efficiency in picking, packing, and shipping.
It also allows users to streamline day-to-day activities and maximize the productivity of warehouse staff. It also assists in tracking inventory quantities by bins and containers, all the while simplifying the preparation of pick lists for sales orders, transfers, material requisitions and other transaction types.

The distribution tool of TRAVERSE on the other hand allows users to penetrate new markets and improve their ability to serve their existing customers. Organizations can make informed buying and selling decisions, improve customer service, and save money. These applications are designed to make companies more efficient and more productive, regardless of the size and scope of the distribution channel.

In an instance, Wilcox Family Farms, a supplier of fresh, local eggs across the Western U.S. adopted TRAVERSE to simplify their financial reporting. TRAVERSE easily integrated with Wilcox’s existing workflow, allowing them to use the industry software, while still taking advantage of TRAVERSE’s robust financial capabilities. Wilcox also leveraged TRAVERSE’s built-in transaction import capabilities. This saved them time and improved the accuracy of financial processes. The Wilcox Farms team has utilized the comprehensive training opportunities provided by Open Systems support.

Ahead of Time

Fully-integrated with the TRAVERSE ERP system, Open Systems’ web and mobile solutions give users the tools they need to stay connected to their business anytime, anywhere, and on any Internet-capable device. From Project Costing to Multicurrency capabilities, TRAVERSE Add-ons can handle the unique needs of any specialty business. End-to-end integration between all applications guarantees that customer’s entire organization is benefiting from real-time information, whether they are entering appointments into Service Director or balancing fund accounting with Not-for-Profit.

As the CEO of Open Systems, Bertini strongly believes in a culture that puts the customer first. “Whether you are a partner, reseller or an end user, you will enjoy and trust the personal consideration that we provide,” says Bertini. “You are treated as an individual, and we recognize your needs are different because that is what makes you unique in this fast moving, changing economy.” At Open Systems, the team's objective with all endeavors is to help the clients succeed, become more effective, and transform the organization as needed. According to Bertini, organizations need the right information to get to the right people, in the right format, at the right time, and they must be able to change quickly and easily. “You will find that our TRAVERSE product line adapts to these changing requirements,” he adds.

Bertini also takes personal interest in the success of their customers. “Our products offer our clients not only one of the best returns on investment in the marketplace, but they also deliver a framework in which any investment made today in adapting the solution to your business is retained with future upgrades,” concludes Bertini.

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